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March 01, 2010


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wait... nice time deli closed?!

looking forward to your posts and pictures!!


JYoh, it's a sensitive subject for me. The location I took you to closed sometime late last year. They are still serving the menu at lunch down the street at another restaurant, but don't have their own location. The whole situation's one part weird, three parts heartbreaking, haha.


There's an Ah Zhong mian xien in Flushing Mall. You should check it out sometime when you're out there! They also have this ginormous salt and pepper chicken with rice dish that feeds like two people. There's also yummyy shaved ice. Hit me up if you want more details!


Someone JUST told me about that location today on Twitter. If it's anything like the one I went to in LA, though,...a warranted trek out to Flushing for Ah Zhong mian xien is debatable. But DUH, yeah I will check it out, anyway! Plus salt and pepper chicken sounds heavenly right now.

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