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November 10, 2009


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haha yes!! shin ramyun is my favorite too. and ugh, dude, i like to cook mine really al dente, like for 1.5 minutes. how can you eat soggy noodles?! the best is when they're sitll a bit crunchy. heck, sometimes i eat it without cooking it...


JYoh! ACK. There is a huge difference between chewy and soggy noodles. No one likes soggy noodles! And I cannot believe you just described your favorite ramen as being "crunchy" -- there MUST be some Japanese ramen aficionados turning in their graves right now at the thought of that, hahah. But I will say that I do love eating ramen that hasn't been cooked at all. We used to just crush up those Chicken Maruchan ramen packages in ziploc bags and eat them like chips. nom nom nom. so unhealthy, though.


Thanks I will have to try this. I picked up some ramen from Murukai Market but not sure if it is Shin Raymun. I just moved to Mammoth Lakes where there is NO decent ethnic food and all I've been wanting is a hot bowl of salt ramen with pork belly!

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