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July 23, 2008


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"Dark Knight was epic,but I still fucking cannot get over how amazing the Breakfast Club is. "

Can I just say that this made me laugh for six days fucking straight? It is one of the most amazing segues evar.

And I will agree that the Breakfast Club is a masterpiece. When I was younger it used to be on every fucking Saturday afternoon on KTLA Channel 5 and I watched it religiously. Thanks for reminding me of it :) If you were here, I would insist that we see it together. IN the summer's they do Film Night in Dolores Park up in SF and this week's movie is the Breakfast Club!


Haha, I try. I'm sure only like two people I know would read a post referencing the Breakfast Club, but almost everyone else I know (and their moms) would want to hear about Dark Knight, haha. (Psych to them!)

And if I were up thizzur, I would SO watch the Breakfast Club with you; Film Night with that movie sounds like it's made of complete win.

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