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July 06, 2010


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this entry is so f-ing cute!!

i was omg-ing while reading this whole post. everything you wrote blew my conception of asian moms away.
your mom knows what basketball is! She likes STARS! AND ben gibbard!! SHE LIKES CHICKEN AND RICE. coocoo! MARSE JAKUBZ!!!!

i love momma lo and thus i still repent that night i missed eating dinner w/ her in china town and instead writing perfect drunken textss


definitely enjoy your time together, moms are so important. i miss mine after losing her this year everyday.


Hannah - I think many asian moms know what baketball is! But yes. Rock Band when I get back? Cool. East Virrage in the house!

Kara - Sorry to hear about your mom. My grandma passed away three years ago, and I still think about her everyday.

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