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October 08, 2009


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Oh, dude, I never knew they meant that much to you! I am doubly sad now that they sucked ass at the Bowl concert, except for the keyboardist who looked like Jesus.

It is very sad to see what was once one of my very favorite bands go out with a whimper. But I'm going to try to think back on the good memories instead. The concert you mentioned at the end of this post was one of my all time favorites, too, for a couple of reasons:

1) It made me fall head over heels for Travis. Fran Healy was such a great live frontman, so full of good feeling and charm. Then I went back and saw Travis play the Universal the next year. Remy Zero opened for them and that band became so special to me I can't even express it.

2) I'm not sure you remember this detail, but Susan went to that Oasis show with us and she snuck a peanut butter and jelly sandwich into it in the waistband of her pants.


Re: 2) YES, I totally remembered that she snuck in that PB&J. But, NO I did know she snuck it in with the waistband of her pants! That is flipping hilarious! It must have also been in the era of somewhat baggy denim, because there is no way I could slip a PB&J (even without crust) into my skinny jeans. That would be such bad news bears. PS: Got the Google Wave invite. Thanks! I only have three contacts on there, so we should Wave it up sometime =)


She was wearing slightly baggy khakis I think, but it was totally awesome that she impulse bought a pb&j. I'm not sure if I remember correctly but I think she also fell asleep during the show. What a great night.

And yeah, we are certainly going to wave big time! I need to figure out how that shit works, haha. I have no idea how to add new extensions, etc.


Haha, no she totally did fall asleep. That, I remember. I didn't know that she purchased the pb&j, though! I'm not sure if that's more comical, or if it would have been funnier if she made the pb&j beforehand, with the intent of bringing it into the venue as a showtime snack, hahah.

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